What is SEO?

By December 15, 2017Seo

The initials SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines are the pages most people use to search for the content their looking for on the Internet. There are many different search engines on the Internet. The most widely used is Google. Google is so popular that it has even become a verb, as is in “Let me Google that.” Search engines work by searching for the words, or terms, users type into them by scanning all the pages from the Internet that it has indexed. This is achieved through a specific set of instructions called an algorithm. The pages are then ranked by how well they relate to those terms with the most relevant pages listed at the top. SEO focuses on getting a particular page to the top of that list by making it appear as relevant as possible to terms. Our firm Bay Area Seo Pros help you make your pages as relevant to Google as possible
It is important to understand how search engines’ algorithms work. Algorithms are improved and changed constantly to ensure better results, but there are some general guidelines that can be followed to ensure pages are given the highest possible ranking. Consider these SEO basics.

When coding a webpage make sure the title reflects the business or page name and the purpose of the page. It should be relatively short and contain keywords that are important to drive the right traffic to the page. It’s a small change but can be one of the first places the search engine looks for keywords.

Also part of page coding is the Meta description. Meta data gives the search engine even more specifics on what information the page is providing. The most current algorithms may not weigh Meta data as heavily as they once did but it’s a fairly simple step that can only help when optimizing your page for SEO.

Ensure the page’s content is high quality and focused on the page’s purpose. If the site is about pet supplies, ensure the content on the page sticks to pet supplies. That content can be taken full advantage of by internally linking to other pages within your site on your home page. That builds your link ranking. Search engines take this link rating into account for both internal links and external links that are present on your page.

Web reputation is also important to search engines. Keeping page content high and having a healthy social media presence can help raise a page’s reputation. Keeping that reputation high over a longer period of time will benefit the page’s ranking as well. There are several tools that can be used to monitor reputation, including the free tool Google Alerts from Google.

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