Best Beaches in the Bay Area, California

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From the sandy shore of Golden Gate Bridge to the tide pools of Los Angeles, there are incredible views and amazing beaches. And the landscape provides the best view of the world. These beaches are famous for their epic view and scenic beauty, where people most likely send their holidays to lavishing restaurants and enjoy the perfect view of the sunrise from there balconies.

  1. Stinson Beach

On the west coast of United States, this beach is 35 minutes away from the famous Golden Gate Bridge. It is one of the cleanest and sandy beach in California, and famous for its cold water and the fog that spreads throughout the coast. It is linked to Marin City by a bus service and thus a main attraction for the tourists because of popular places around like Mount Tamalpais, Muir Beach, Muir Woods National Monument etc. Here’s the office website of Stinson Beach

  1. Marshall’s Beach

This glorious, sunny, sandy beach is located in the North of Baker Beach and is never overcrowded so it’s quite calm when the waves hit the shores. And mostly recommended enjoying the breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge for the photographers especially.


  1. Baker Beach

The beach is quite a mile long at the very foot of Golden Gate cliffs. It has one of the highest tides and rocky seashores. It is a perfect place for fishing and attracts the tourists just because of its exotic, panoramic view. You can enjoy the tranquility of wind and warmth of sun early morning when usually it is not crowded with people. The beach is smaller as compared to others but mostly preferred for its view of the bridge and even you can see the huge whales while having a walk on the beach.


  1. Ocean Beach

Ocean beach borders the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of San Francisco, California. The cold weather of California usually surrounds this beach and creates a layer of mist around it. This beach is more people-friendly as they arrange bonfire parties around the shore. People usually come for surfing due to its strong waves when the temperature is moderate but most of the time around the year it is foggy. So, it is not quite safe for swimmers as the currents are really heavy.


  1. Fort Funston Beach

It is more famous for a walk, especially with your pets. There are paved, sandy paths down to the beach which your dogs will love and a rare park too for them. It’s quite windy around there so warm clothes are a must. It has some stunning views of the cliff and black sand. Well, most commonly recommended for dog-walkers and if you are not a dog lover then this place is not for you.


  1. “Taco Bell” Beach

This beach has got something more interesting for you which is its Junk-Food. The concept of “Drive through” is here replaced by a “Walk-up Window” where you can order the food. The ocean views are spectacular even from the inside of restaurants. The cool breeze and the exotic views from the beach will leave you spell-bound.

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