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Fun Things to Do in the Bay Area

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The fun things to do in the Bay area (California, Napa Valley etc.) that attract the people most are its sight and landmarks, beaches, nature and parks, nightlife, events and concerts, outdoor activities and everything about it. The boat tours and water sports, the eye-catching beauty of its beaches all make it a place worth-seeing and people, tourists from all over the world especially plan their holidays in a city like San Francisco, Napa Valley etc.

If you are planning your coming holiday to a city that never sleeps then get your bookmarks ready for the following amazing things the city has to offer. Don’t give a second thought just grab your bags and get ready to have some hell fun and enjoy the natural scenery of the Bay Area.

Top Fun Things to Do in the Bay Area

  1. Beaches

The bay area of California is well-known for its beach life where hundreds and thousands of people arrive every year to enjoy the beautiful landscape, sunrise, mountains, water currents and touch the wind that refreshes their soul. The water surfers find it the best place for their amusement and so does the families that come here for some peaceful mornings. The exotic beauty of its beaches found no match in the world and so does its Golden Gate Bridge that makes it the center for tourists. The China Beach, Baker Beach, Fort Funston Beach, Ocean Beach etc. are all famous for their perfect natural scenery. Whenever you visit the bay area, give your first visit to its beaches to inhale some fresh air and get some epic photographs.


  1. Nature and Parks

No doubt, the cities are blessed with the natural beauty and extra tint has been added to some human effort too. There are historic sites such as Alcatraz Island, hiking trails such as Lands’ End, some wonderous water bodies such as San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate Park that will mesmerize your eyes with the views you have never touched before. Well, what’s more, enchanting than does the natural beauty and everything this bay area has to offer to make it a perfect holiday for you?

  1. Nature and Wildlife Areas

San Francisco has the treasures of natural as well as wildlife beauty that will definitely surprise you. There are wildlife areas, historic sites, wildlife parks, gardens filled with natural beauty etc. that will definitely be worth watching. Your tour will be incomplete if you don’t give a visit to the San Francisco Botanical Garden, Sea Lion Center, Alcatraz Island etc. Get ready for the coolest walk of your life in these areas.


  1. Kid Friendly Places

If you are coming with your kids and beloved family, then there may be some more interesting and safe places than does the beaches. The most famous of all the times The Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco Fire Engine Tour, Rocket Boat Ride etc. are a hell of the things everyone will love to enjoy. These tours will make your trip more active and interesting and the taste of discovering new places every time will keep you moving.

For more information, check out the video below

Best Beaches in the Bay Area, California

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From the sandy shore of Golden Gate Bridge to the tide pools of Los Angeles, there are incredible views and amazing beaches. And the landscape provides the best view of the world. These beaches are famous for their epic view and scenic beauty, where people most likely send their holidays to lavishing restaurants and enjoy the perfect view of the sunrise from there balconies.

  1. Stinson Beach

On the west coast of United States, this beach is 35 minutes away from the famous Golden Gate Bridge. It is one of the cleanest and sandy beach in California, and famous for its cold water and the fog that spreads throughout the coast. It is linked to Marin City by a bus service and thus a main attraction for the tourists because of popular places around like Mount Tamalpais, Muir Beach, Muir Woods National Monument etc. Here’s the office website of Stinson Beach

  1. Marshall’s Beach

This glorious, sunny, sandy beach is located in the North of Baker Beach and is never overcrowded so it’s quite calm when the waves hit the shores. And mostly recommended enjoying the breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge for the photographers especially.


  1. Baker Beach

The beach is quite a mile long at the very foot of Golden Gate cliffs. It has one of the highest tides and rocky seashores. It is a perfect place for fishing and attracts the tourists just because of its exotic, panoramic view. You can enjoy the tranquility of wind and warmth of sun early morning when usually it is not crowded with people. The beach is smaller as compared to others but mostly preferred for its view of the bridge and even you can see the huge whales while having a walk on the beach.


  1. Ocean Beach

Ocean beach borders the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of San Francisco, California. The cold weather of California usually surrounds this beach and creates a layer of mist around it. This beach is more people-friendly as they arrange bonfire parties around the shore. People usually come for surfing due to its strong waves when the temperature is moderate but most of the time around the year it is foggy. So, it is not quite safe for swimmers as the currents are really heavy.


  1. Fort Funston Beach

It is more famous for a walk, especially with your pets. There are paved, sandy paths down to the beach which your dogs will love and a rare park too for them. It’s quite windy around there so warm clothes are a must. It has some stunning views of the cliff and black sand. Well, most commonly recommended for dog-walkers and if you are not a dog lover then this place is not for you.


  1. “Taco Bell” Beach

This beach has got something more interesting for you which is its Junk-Food. The concept of “Drive through” is here replaced by a “Walk-up Window” where you can order the food. The ocean views are spectacular even from the inside of restaurants. The cool breeze and the exotic views from the beach will leave you spell-bound.

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Best Companies to Work for in the Bay Area

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Apart from the scenic beauty and amazing views of the bay area, it has a lot more to offer such as the environment and the workplaces. The people here are really hardworking and strive each day to grow the economy of the area every day. There are a lot of great places to work for in the bay area. The employs here are setting a new level and putting their efforts to get the best economy ranking all over the world. What puts them in the top ranking is their leading ways of HR management and leadership plus the managing skills of their employees. Main employees in the Bay Area are in the tech space and would benefit from our technology seo services

Here is a list for you that compiles the best workplaces in the bay area:

  1. Kimpton Hotel and Restaurants

There are more than 8,000 workers currently working in this huge setup and serving the cities all over the states. They are famous for the best food that fills your appetite to your taste. Now, why is this the best working place in the whole bay area is its environment and the cooperative management.


  1. Cooley

It is a law firm enrolling 1788 employees currently and renowned for its professional services. It meets all its client’s needs with the diversity of its opinions from a group that includes every age and experience. The company polishes you no matter whatever the background is and bring the most out of its employees. The people really enjoy working here due to the friendly environment and appreciated for being themselves.


  1. Intuit

The company belongs to a bunch of information technologists and known for its devotion and vigilance in its field. They are truly making a difference to the world in this field by their excellence and community work. The house is open for everyone bringing the opportunities for young technologists and encouraging their community to build trust in them.

Read about Intuit here


  1. Salesforce

Another platform for information technology, currently enrolling 14,410 employees, a huge number though. On asking its employees about the Salesforce, we got some amazing reviews such as “they love the work they do”, “it’s not only a job but their life”. well, expecting such reviews at a workplace are quite strange but this is the passion that makes a workplace more like a home and starts making a difference in the world and in their lives too.

You can find Salesforce Bay Area offices here


  1. Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe

Orrick is known for its professional services and has enrolled 1,440 employees. This workplace has lot more to offer due to its friendly environment and politer leadership skills of their CEO. What makes a company best is when the co-workers work as a family, every single unit contributing to the success of the company. And Orrick represents this culture in its best way where everyone is encouraged to participate in the activities and appreciated for what they are doing without any comparisons in their mind.

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Key Steps in Implementing an Seo Strategy

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Bay Area Seo Pros uses best in class Seo tactics to increase the exposure of your website. We have a long term view with safe and Google friendly approaches, to avoid penalties and have stable rankings.

  1. Targeting the Right Keywords
    Research on the right keywords with which your site will get ranked in the top10 search results in the major search engines.
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
    Optimise your web pages according to the theme of the site and make them more search engine friendly.
  3. Link Popularity Solutions
    Create suitable and relevant links to your site from other topic-related sites in order to attract relevant traffic to your site.
  4. Search Engine Submissions
    Submit your site to the directories and major search engines.
  5. Time Frame of an SEO Project
    The time frame for a smooth progress towards Top 10 Rankings can vary from a minimum of 1 month to 10 months for any SEO project, depending on the competition in the chosen business theme.
  6. Site Monitoring and Reporting
    We will be providing you with a weekly Progress Report of the project. The Progress Report includes a ranking report as well as an optimization report of the Internet Marketing Project.

Website Development for Seo

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We provide website development and promotions in the Bay Area cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto and Oakland. Our Website Development Process followed by us includes:

Requirement Analysis: This involves understanding the basic requirement of the client. We will look into different aspects of the business that the client wishes to build out on the newly developed website.

Detailed Development process: After understanding the requirements, we shall list the estimated time frame of the project and the costs involved in the project. We know that in online marketing even small things matter a lot. Keeping this in mind we shall give earnest opinions on the type of domain names to be chosen and the kind of server space required, along with other critical aspects of website development.

Primary Development: Once all the above has been finalized, we start with the development work of the website. We ensure that the website structure is best suited for Seo. This requires paying attention of Url structures of pages to give them the best changes of ranking in Google. 

Client’s Approval: We understand that it is you who is getting the website developed, and we take every possible input from your end into account in order to give you a satisfying product.

Launching the Website: After getting the approval, we launch the website on the internet, making sure that any person, irrespective of where in the world he resides, also gets a clear picture of your organization.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Based on the statistics we collect from your website, we apply best practices and refine the content and messaging to increase conversion rates.

How do we develop your Seo strategy

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A beautifully developed website with fantastic design and graphics will bind the viewer only when he/she reaches the website. What if the person is not able to find your website??

This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in. In the vast and fast growing world of online business, a website will not be able to yield results until it has a strong marketing support at its backend. In order to attract traffic to your website, you should be visible in the search engine results and, moreover, you should appear at relevant and high positions.

As a Bay Area SEO Company, we promote your website on search engines like Google and YouTube. We will lift your website to the top of the relevant search engine results. For generating these kinds of results, we ensure that:

We target the relevant market for your online business

We search for most sought after keywords related to the theme of the website

We get a feel of the competition in terms of rankings and then enter the battlefield… to win!!

Our Search Engine Optimization Services include both On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization, with a strong focus on the improvement of the quality of traffic and the generating of the extra revenue from the search engines.

What is SEO?

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The initials SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines are the pages most people use to search for the content their looking for on the Internet. There are many different search engines on the Internet. The most widely used is Google. Google is so popular that it has even become a verb, as is in “Let me Google that.” Search engines work by searching for the words, or terms, users type into them by scanning all the pages from the Internet that it has indexed. This is achieved through a specific set of instructions called an algorithm. The pages are then ranked by how well they relate to those terms with the most relevant pages listed at the top. SEO focuses on getting a particular page to the top of that list by making it appear as relevant as possible to terms. Our firm Bay Area Seo Pros help you make your pages as relevant to Google as possible
It is important to understand how search engines’ algorithms work. Algorithms are improved and changed constantly to ensure better results, but there are some general guidelines that can be followed to ensure pages are given the highest possible ranking. Consider these SEO basics.

When coding a webpage make sure the title reflects the business or page name and the purpose of the page. It should be relatively short and contain keywords that are important to drive the right traffic to the page. It’s a small change but can be one of the first places the search engine looks for keywords.

Also part of page coding is the Meta description. Meta data gives the search engine even more specifics on what information the page is providing. The most current algorithms may not weigh Meta data as heavily as they once did but it’s a fairly simple step that can only help when optimizing your page for SEO.

Ensure the page’s content is high quality and focused on the page’s purpose. If the site is about pet supplies, ensure the content on the page sticks to pet supplies. That content can be taken full advantage of by internally linking to other pages within your site on your home page. That builds your link ranking. Search engines take this link rating into account for both internal links and external links that are present on your page.

Web reputation is also important to search engines. Keeping page content high and having a healthy social media presence can help raise a page’s reputation. Keeping that reputation high over a longer period of time will benefit the page’s ranking as well. There are several tools that can be used to monitor reputation, including the free tool Google Alerts from Google.

Internet Marketing for Bay Area Companies

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Having a business in Bay Area could be one the biggest chance you will never miss because not all people can do a business there. It needs struggle and sacrifice to have and grow business. When you already run your business in Bay Area, you have to be friendlier to Bay Area and local citizens. You have to get involved to the society so your business gets recognized more. When you have done with your surroundings, keep doing it and make sure that you never miss the chance to share your times with the locals. After it, you can go into another marketing called internet marketing for Bay Area companies. Internet marketing is same with the conventional marketing, there is only minor difference there, but the pattern is pretty same. What is the best and easy internet marketing you need to do? We got the answers below.

First thing first, you have to be in Google Listing or you have a website. You can have both website and Google local listing profile. It is important to have both of them as they can be the cyber home or stores that people on the internet can see your business or stores. Maximize them with some strategies. You can do with the basic strategies by learning local SEO for Bay Area or just basic strategies in internet marketing for Bay Area companies. There are lot of articles in the internet to apply when it has come to strategy in internet marketing. Even if you are brave to spend money for that thing, you can hire SEO agency that might be better for you because you have no idea on SEO and you don’t waste your time to learn that sometimes could bring you to a failure. There have been lots of SEO agencies that run in internet marketing for Bay Area companies.

Starting a Business in SF Bay Area

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There are many strategic places when you want to start business. The first key when you want to choose an area for your business is to see how the marketing segmentation in the area. For example, you may choose an area where it is not too opened for a business, and people there are not opened with something new, then it may need extra struggle to start business. Certain area is not good for certain business. While, in opened city like in New York or other big cities have given same chance for every business there. It does happen in Bay Area and Sillicon Valley economy where people have the same chance to develop the business no matter the business is. The economy is pretty stable and the people are also friendly and opened. You just need to maximize what you have in your business and follow your plans to boost your business performance in Bay Area and Sillicon Valley. Here are the steps to develop business there.

  1. Know your customers

When you have got involved in Bay Area and Sillicon Valley economy, you are now the parts of them. When you already got the customers there, you have to understand more. Different customers from different areas might have the difference. That is why it is important to know your customers.

  1. Please customers without violating your principles

Getting more engagement is such a pleasure for every business owner. Please the customers to make them more comfortable to be your costumer without any action that might violate your business’s principles.  There is nothing to worry when you please them as long as it is on your plans or strategy to boost your business.

  1. Improve everyday

You may not be satisfied with your current performance, everyday should have evaluation and appreciation to improve everything in the next day. Improving anything will make you as better business owner to give more contributions in Bay Area and Sillicon Valley economy.

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