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Bay Area Seo Pros Approach

Bay Area SEO Pros is a client-first organization. We invest in your success and relationship and this is why we offer the only two months free Seo service in our sector. We want to ensure you see how we work and we see how you work. Seo requires a partnership to deliver lasting results. 

Our Focus is Your Business Goals

Bay Area Seo Pros want understand your business goals and strategy to determine the right approach for your business. Seo is not the goal, it is a means to a goal. The goal is in most cases growth, profitability and high shareholder return in a capitalist economy, especially in the VC funded Bay Area. We understand the business models and strategies and only start working with you if we can confirm a high ROI for Seo for your business. It is common for us to turn down some clients and recommend them other marketing strategies.

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Whether you’re a small or large business in the Bay area looking for Seo services, we have customized options that work with your unique business goals. What separates us from our competitors? Results and Strategy. Client results and our rankings speak for themselves as you can find examples of our case studies here. We also focus on your business goals and strategy to ensure Seo is a high return investment for your business in the Bay Area.

Bay Area Seo Pros utilizes a marketing funnel, which is driven by your leads and conversion. Marketing or sales funnels have been used for many years in digital marketing space and is a good tool to measure the impact of the marketing efforts including Seo. 

Bay Area Seo Pros Has a 6 Step SYSTEM to Drive Results


Bay Area Seo System


Build and Rank

Your website needs to have Seo friendly pages giving the right signals to search engines. Usually, one main keyword you want to rank for should have its own page and optimizations. We will start with building the right pages and making the optimizations for your target keywords.

You website also needs to be mobile friendly since over half of searches are conducted on mobile devices now; and it needs to work fast, load fast. In the Bay Area, which is the tech capital of the world, there is not excuse for a slow website.

You can use caching techniques to increase your website speed and serve your Bay Area customers faster. That is why we call website speed and mobile friendliness as the first step in building your website funnel. It is a low hanging fruit and needs to be taken care of immediately.

Bay Area Seo Pros will do the diagnostics to ensure your website gets the basics right and provides a good customer experience. 

Ranking higher in Google to drive website traffic is integral to a business that has an online strategy. It is like the blood in our vessels, the more it pumps and circulates, the better. How do you will get this traffic given all the competition?

Studies find that Seo is the main driver of website traffic. Google announced that on average 95% of online clicks are from organic search and only 5% is from Adwords. These percentages do change my sector; but the highest Adwords click percentages we saw were around 15%. This means that even if you paid a lot of money for Adwords, you may not get the traffic levels that come from Seo. There are also social sites and business platforms such as Yelp, Foursquare or other niche specific platforms that drive traffic too and Seo strategy should also include these properties. 

It is worth noting that Seo takes time because your site needs to build trust with Google and trust comes with time. Think of first page results as the closest 10 friends of Google, some of which have been there for years. Why would Google embrace the new kid in the block immediately? It is like the most popular kid in high school, lots of eyes are competing for Google’s attention. It takes lots of credibility and coolness signals to become the popular kid Google finds value in, so patience is a core component of a Seo strategy.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion is very important for getting ROI from your online marketing investments including Seo. What is the point of website visitors if they don’t find your offer attractive. Maybe your offer is attractive; but it is not communicated effectively. Maybe your site still looks like websites from 90s with lots of flashing text. Or it is not optimized properly to capture leads.

Spending lots of money for getting traffic; but not paying enough attention to conversion is like getting lots of dates; but not showing up to dates or going there without taking a shower, smelling bad and not dressed for the occasion.

Bay Area Seo Pros helps with conversion rate optimization to ensure your visitors could see the ‘true’ you and your website is properly optimized to convert your visitors to actual paying customers. Paying customers are important because they drive the numbers including sales, profits and shareholder return. We have documented some best research on conversion rate best practices, which we can share during our initial strategy meeting.

Online reviews are also very important for Bay Area customers and we help you manage your online reviews and publish them on your website by aggregating all great 3rd party reviews. 


Expand & Repeat

When you are ranking high and getting clicks and conversions, you would naturally ask how you can expand the business even more. This might require giving digital Ads, expanding in new cities or products, or using social media to drive more traffic to your business. It will also include getting your email automation right to get more repeat customers and referrals. 


We use multiple tools to optimize the campaigns included in our packages


Bay Area Seo Pros Packages

We offer three packages as described below. Pricing will depend on the competitiveness of the keywords for ranking. Please schedule an initial consultation session to discuss your business goals and for pricing information for the scope of the campaign.  

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